How To Make Rainbow Roses

Our Step by Step Guide On How To Make Rainbow Roses

Here is our comprehensive step by step guide on how to make rainbow roses. Rainbow roses are real! You can’t grow rainbow roses but you sure can makes some of the most beautiful flowers ever by following this simple step-by-step guide. If you are tired like of spending hundreds of dollars every year like we were – then hold tight as we walk you through exactly how to do it. Have you ever wondered: are rainbow roses are real or how are rainbow roses made? The answer is yes! It is in fact a real rose. These rainbow colored roses are so bright and amazing that may have even thought that they were Photoshopped. They are no! Now I am sure you are wondering is there how to make rainbow roses guide out there? Well, you have found the mecca for creating these brilliant colored rainbow roses that you have been dreaming about because this will answer your question of how are rainbow roses made.

The Basics of Making Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses don’t grow on plants with these insane colors. These are white roses that are dyed at the stem with various colors, making the pedals absorb the colors and make vibrant colored pedals. The method of creation depends on the actions of transpiration to take the dye from the water, up the stem and into the pedals. There are really two stages in which to make rainbow roses, either by injecting them as they grow – or the easier way which is to take fresh white roses and use the custom dying technique that we have outlined below in order to answer your ultimate question of “how to make rainbow roses”.

These exotic looking beauties are ready for you to make them, so let’s get started!

Step 1 – Pick a relatively fresh, white rose

how to make rainbow roses - white flower

You need to begin with a plain white or a rose that is very close to a white rose. If you want to achieve the most intense coloration, the whiter the rose, the better.

Light yellow or light pink roses can work if you absolutely need to use one. Do NOT use dark colored roses, otherwise they will not absorb the colors necessary to make vibrant rainbow roses.

The more mature the rose is, the easier it will absorb the dye. If the rose is younger, it will take more time to saturate the flower, however this also means that the rose will have a longer life in it’s rainbow form – so it is up to you on how you would like to craft your rose’s life cycle.


Step 2: Cut the stem of the rosehow to make rainbow roses - cut stem

Make sure you use an exact o-knife, sharp knife, or scissors and cut the stem at an angle at your desired length. This length is completely up to your own personal preference.

Keep in mind that the rose’s stem should only be a little bit taller than that of the vase. Make sure that the rose is not too much taller than the containers that you will be using for dying otherwise it won’t work out well and the colors will not be absorbed as well as they would otherwise.

Bonus: If you want to see some other craft inspiration, check these awesome glass flowers at Harvard – they are some of my favorite non-natural flowers out there:



how to make rainbow roses - stem piecesStep 3: Cut stems into 2-4 sections.

With your exact o-knife or other sharp metal blade, section the stem by splitting it in several directions. The amount of sections that you cut will also be the same amount of colors we will use. I always use 4 colors because I want my roses to be extremely colorful

WARNING: Make sure your tool is SHARP otherwise your stem will break.If you cut too many sections into the stem, you risk weakening the stem and therefore losing the flower all together.

Cut from the bottom of the rose up about 3-5 inches at most. You don’t want to cut any higher than this because it will ruin the stem’s ability to transport the dye up the stem and into the pedals of the flower.



Step 4: Mix your choice of food colors into cups with water

You need 4 narrow, sturdy, tall containers – these can be made of glass, plastic, wood or whatever material that you would like. Make sure that you can put the containers next to each other at the end of the project so the roses will have ample support and maintain the stem’s integrity throughout the dying process.

The number of sections you split your rose stem into determines how many colors you can use, so remember 4 cuts means 4 colors.

The more dye, the brighter the roses! So be liberal with your dye so your roses are as bright as ours! Don’t be shy on the dye as we like to say – it will not hurt the flower by applying a lot of food dye.


Step 5: Put each section of the stem into it’s own color container

Make sure that the ends that you cut are fully submersed in the food coloring and water container. However, be careful because those rose stems are very fragile!

You are done with the prep work for how to make rainbow roses! Get excited but patient and you will have yourself some beauties soon.

Keep the containers close to each other for support so that flowers don’t fall down and get hurt during the drying process.

Remember, be patient with them! The more patient and careful you are with your project, the more awesome they will turn out in the end.

Step 6: Sit the roses our for 6 days

rainbow roses - in cupsIt will only take 1/2 hour to see the color! However, if you want REALLY bright rainbow roses, then leave the stems in the dye for up to 6 full days maximum and you will be amazed. At the 2-3 day mark you may already be happy with the way that they look and that’s just fine! Depending on the maturity of the flower and strength of the dye – some rainbow roses will be done before others, so monitor these babies and care for them just as you would a regular rose in a vase after they are all done being dyed. That wraps up our official  how to make rainbow roses guide! Put these beauties into a vase with fresh water and rose feed and you are good to go.

So, how does this work? Are rainbow roses real? As we have told you, yes! The rose absorbs the dye just like it does water and colors up the pedals in the process! You will hear of other ways to grow rainbow roses on the internet or get rainbow roses seeds – but let me tell you that these are complete hoaxes. If you do by rainbow roses seeds, you will be very sad because they will not work out the way that you wish that they did. This is the tried and true method for how to make rainbow roses, so get your materials and start cutting! Send us some pictures if you get a chance because we can not get enough of them, we might even feature yours on our site, you will never have to ask again how are rainbow roses made!


This is the only way to make those beautiful rainbow roses that you want for your home. But, if you don’t believe us – then check out this article:



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